About Us

Founders Footwear was started to create and offer Essential Luxuries. Timeless silhouettes and styles that every gentleman must own, crafted in the highest quality and sold directly to him.


When we set out to start the brand, we knew we weren’t the only ones out there; we weren’t the only ones trying to make footwear and sell it directly to our customer without a middleman. But what we did know was we’d be the only ones to create a true luxury product. We’d create Essential Luxuries.


We’d head to Italy, the home of luxury footwear. We’d work with a family owned factory that’s been crafting footwear for over a century. We’d use the absolute highest quality leathers, soles, laces; we wouldn’t compromise. What to other brands may seems as excesses or add-ons, we’d recognize were not that, they were essentials, necessities to be part and included with all our shoes.


So while we’re not re-writing the playbook on how retail works or is evolving, we’d like to think we’re at least authoring the luxury chapter.


Your Founders,


Mike & Tipton