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CBD Infusionz Coffee 200mg

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CBD Infusionz ultra premium coffee blend is a medium-bodied, extra smooth everyday coffee with consistent flavor notes of vanilla, caramel, and natural sweetness. Our water soluble CBD coffee consists of 100% Arabica coffee beans are grown high in the Colombian mountains, in rich soils that maximize the boldness of the coffee’s flavor.

We’ve ground our CBD coffee to a “Auto Drip” medium consistency for use in any drip coffee application.

  • 80z of ground coffee per container
  • 200mg of NANO water soluble CBD per container
  • Naturally sweet with flavor notes of vanilla and caramel
  • Medium roast, blend of coffees, well balanced, smooth taste
  • 100% Arabica Coffee Bean

To make CBD Coffee use 2 rounded scoops (18 grams) of ground coffee to 6oz of water in a traditional drip brewer or any brewing device that uses medium ground coffee.

16mg of CBD per each 2 rounded scoop serving (scoop included)